Member: User_9326113
Thank you Yaz!
Sep 22 2020
Member: User_136365
Sep 22 2020
Member: User_8640565
Thank you Yazmin :)
Sep 22 2020
Member: User_3899083
Thank you!
Sep 22 2020
Member: KP29
thank u yaz
Sep 22 2020
Member: User_8557918
thank you very much you have gave me clarity on some issues i have been having.
Sep 22 2020
Member: User_325529
Sorry disconnected.
Sep 22 2020
Member: User_8964910
fast and accurate
Sep 22 2020
Member: User_5334670
Yaz is great, Really enjoy talking to her and she’s pretty accurate.
Sep 22 2020
Member: yashila87
Always connected to me to a really good level.
Sep 21 2020

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