Member: veky5
Sorry Moon I had to go-really low with funds...Amazing and powerful reading.I will definitely come back to catch up..Blessings to you:)
Apr 11 2024
Member: User_3507116
Please give her a try. She is outstanding. Just so so amazing
Mar 14 2024
Member: User_cfzd86
Glad she's back, my trusted advisor of several years :)
Feb 15 2024
Member: User_3507116
Outstanding as always.??????
Feb 12 2024
Member: PJ555
‘Wow’ She is amazing and reads as things are. Excellent insights !
Oct 7 2023
Member: User_3031098
Wonderful thank you
Sep 27 2023
Member: User_3507116
Outstanding. Can never get enough of her. So clear and precise with her insights
Aug 24 2023
Member: User_4215669
she is great fast typer, well she conveys me good news but I m not too optimistic considering my situation let's see, thanks a lot fr ur help!
Aug 23 2023
Member: User_3898034
Very insightful and informative. I really appreciated connecting and getting more clarity. Everything said was spot on and made so much sense. Thank you again!
Aug 22 2023
Member: PJ555
Super positive insights !
Aug 22 2023

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