Member: User_5902965
May 24 2019
Member: natnat22
Thank you again, and thanks for being patient with me, and talking about my annoying boss, lol.
May 23 2019
Member: Staying Positive
great reading
May 22 2019
Member: Allie
Has been accurate in the past! Excited to see her prediction.
May 21 2019
Member: User_6145926
Very good
May 19 2019
Member: rex2748
May 19 2019
Member: Starlight
Good reading as usual. Yes this guy can be moody. Time will tell. You have made a few predictions about different guys for me over the past few months and none have come to fruition yet. Maybe timing is a bit off? We will see. Thanks
May 18 2019
Member: User_yf6tpu
May 17 2019
Member: Tamra1
Always great to receive feedback and it’s always useful and encouraging
May 17 2019
Member: User_1205196
great reading
May 16 2019

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