Member: User_4401161
Jan 17 2022
Member: Eden
Thank you
Jan 15 2022
Member: vanelops
Delaney always sees people and situations so clearly and with lots of details. Appreciate chatting with her so much. XOXO
Jan 13 2022
Member: kikskiks
So so great. Accurate and fast.
Jan 11 2022
Member: kikskiks
Fast. Good. Accurate.
Jan 6 2022
Member: User_SS
Always so good, I love talking with Del. either subject is good or bad, I value her opinion.
Jan 3 2022
Member: User_8361309
Wonderful Del! Grounded solid reading of others and possible situations ahead.
Dec 30 2021
Member: User_5551245
Honest accurate reading no sugar coating I will keep you posted
Dec 24 2021
Member: Rose
Sorry to cut you off.. Am a bit budget tight. But so happy to have spoken to you as usual. :)
Dec 22 2021
Member: Eden
Thank you
Dec 21 2021

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