Member: Neha
SO SO amazing. Detailed, honest, insightful, great advisor. And so kind with her ways and approach, you feel better just talking to her!
Feb 21 2020
Member: Shea
She read into the situation excellently and really connected! Thank you so much for your very wise insight!
Feb 19 2020
Member: olga2012
outstanding as always :)
Feb 14 2020
Member: User_7426813
Best advices as always, thank you Karen. :-) I borrow your time a lot today .lol
Nov 29 2019
Member: User_7426813
More questions... and still amazing as the previous one. Thank you Karen!!
Nov 29 2019
Member: User_7426813
Wow Karen really know my situation and be very accurate about many ideas of someone I asked for, every words are so making sense! She also gave me some good advices but still let me be the one who choose my own path... I feel so relieved and something which was tangled up in my mind was cleared because of her explainations. Although at the first reading our chat was cut off because running out of fund, she tried to send me a message to complete it and didn't mind to be available again when I told her I still had more questions. :) Thank you so much Karen, you are so kind and caring. ?? Highly recommend!
Nov 29 2019
Member: Cinnamongirl
Thanks Karen Jo, I always trust your guidance.
Nov 27 2019
Member: jaeq2006
Nov 22 2019
Member: Neha
Very nice and detailed and insightful!!
Nov 6 2019
Member: woodgrl
Oct 29 2019

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