Member: Leila1478
Comforting and gives great advice!!!
Nov 12 2019
Member: option123
Very open and honest. So thankful people like BreeZy exist in the world to guide individuals who are in a bad place in life. Thank you!
Nov 8 2019
Member: User_aywk6g
Love her so much!
Nov 7 2019
Member: User_hnq6we
Thank u
Nov 6 2019
Member: arsh
BreeZy is one the BEST out there........ She is Honest and Gives it to you Straight and Simple.....Every time I talk to her, she helps me look at different perspectives of the situation which ensures my best reactions. THANK YOU SO MUCH BREEZY.
Nov 6 2019
Member: Ogyen
Thanks Breezy, sending love
Nov 5 2019
Member: Seekingthetruth
Lovely to talk to.
Nov 5 2019
Member: kia
love speaking with Breezy- always right on the mark
Nov 5 2019
Member: User_3001426
very helpful and insightful!
Nov 4 2019
Member: Iroquois1101
Many thanks :)
Nov 4 2019

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