Member: User_3507116
Jan 2 2024
Member: User_1977447
Straightforward. I pray that she is right
Dec 5 2023
Member: User_3507116
Always amazing
Nov 8 2023
Member: User_6464340
She is amazing!!! Honest, fair, kind, to the point … just the best!!!
Sep 15 2023
Member: User_9578512
This reader is terrible. I had a reading with her a couple weeks prior to this one. She contected to my poi so it seems and talked about deep feelings, didnt really give a reading, but at least seemed to connect to us knowing each other. Today she was like how do you know each other, are you business partners. lol. need i say fakster. she asks way more questions than she reads on anything.
Aug 27 2023
Member: User_5306652
Answers may be correct...I hope...but needs to give a little more info in the answers...thanks!
Aug 13 2023
Member: User_9218867
Best there is! SPOT ON!
Aug 12 2023
Member: r323
Aug 6 2023
Member: User_7865102
Wonderful, honest, really connected
Jul 19 2023
Member: User_1742706
she was patient and took her time.
Jun 3 2023

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