Member: hammergirl
Aug 14 2020
Member: User_2453134
Aug 12 2020
Member: hammergirl
Aug 10 2020
Member: hammergirl
The best.
Aug 8 2020
Member: hammergirl
Aug 5 2020
Member: hammergirl
she is amazing
Aug 4 2020
Member: User_4642148
Thank you so much :)!
Aug 2 2020
Member: hammergirl
she is the best I have had in years
Jul 30 2020
Member: guardian18
Reached out to connect with relatives who passed as well as my DOG who was the love of my life during childhood. Got a sweet and simple message which was nice. She couldn't sense other energies around me and suggested meditation, so I'll be trying that! Thanks!
Jul 29 2020
Member: User_9061111
Always the best I’ll be back Wednesday
Jul 26 2020

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