Member: just me again
Reading was so touching and deep. Really looking fwd to the events to come. Just a wonderful and inspirational reading. Thanks so much. :) **********
Aug 31 2015
Member: just me again
I'm very happy and exciting abt this reading. Aswynn touched on so many things that have happened and also so many wonderful and exciting predictions that are yet to come that I'm looking fwd to. Aswynn is extremely professional in her readings and I am always blown away by the way she interprets everything for me so that I can understand them. Thanks a million. Absolutely wonderful reading. :)
Aug 10 2015
Member: SeekingGuidance
Thanks for everything Aswynn... You're the best!
Jul 31 2015
Member: SeekingGuidance
Thank you very much Aswynn for your guidance. Will let you know what I decide...
Jul 28 2015
Member: son of epson
Pure Gold. Amazing reading. Thank you Aswynn. Wow!!!!
Jul 1 2015
Member: jks
thank you so much. You are fantastic and such a caring and great person.I would say you are the best
Jun 29 2015
Member: SeekingGuidance
As always, it was great chatting with you... Thank you very much for all the insight and guidance. Will heed your advice and see how things transpire!
Jun 28 2015
Member: binay
absolutely fantastic...thank you for today
Jun 26 2015
Member: epson
More than outstanding. Absolutely exceptional. Money well spent. Thank you so much!!!!!!
Jun 22 2015
Member: epson
Wow, a wonderful and exciting session. I'm very happy with the reading and the information Aswynn passed along to me. Thank you so much. Aswynn has a very unique gift and she does a great job in sharing it. :)
May 29 2015

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