Member: Cris
Tracey is the best. She will amaze you with what she knows.
Jul 21 2019
Member: darciapara
Jul 20 2019
Member: Julie M
Tracey is an absolutely awesome and accurate reader. She is very direct and honest and to the point. She is truly the best...
Jul 19 2019
Member: User_8275682
Thank you, very detailed and supportive even in a tough situation
Jul 13 2019
Member: User_im6bvm
Thanks for the session. Sorry ran out of funds.
Jul 13 2019
Member: User_1081861
Good, fast and to the point!
Jul 13 2019
Member: violetflame
Very accurate and concise
Jul 12 2019
Member: sassy
Nice to reconnect, Gotta be patient
Jul 11 2019
Member: Lucky in luv
Thank you so much for this reading Tracey! Always accurate, looking forward to when it happens xoxo
Jul 9 2019
Member: bumblebee
Where would I be without Tracey. She sees all and knows all. PERIOD. I fully trust her insight even when I think she is wrong, I quickly find out I should have listened. lolol
Jul 8 2019

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