Member: Amazing Coach
Excellent thanks Ann
Mar 21 2019
Member: Jo C
Amazing, accurate and great guidance as always. Thank you, you are a true friend.
Mar 15 2019
Member: aquarius55
Mar 15 2019
Member: User_3960205
Ann is fast in reading and sending me love and lights. I hope her prediction will come true! A warm and lovely reading! Thank you Ann and angels!
Mar 7 2019
Member: Jo C
Accurate about everything. Helped me a lot... saved me weeks of heartache! Otherwise I couldn't have seen the woods from the trees. Thank you again!
Mar 3 2019
Member: imalvis
Always sticks to her predictions:), waiting on results ! Will let y’all know.
Feb 28 2019
Member: User_intswa
Thank you Ann. Appreciate ur reading. Will update u. God Bless U
Feb 27 2019
Member: User_t85emb
Feb 27 2019
Member: Jo C
Helpful and solidly accurate as always! Thank you again!
Feb 24 2019
Member: luls21
Sweet, kind and to the point. You will have to take the lead and ask the questions, rather than her talking on and on. I liked her!
Feb 24 2019

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