Member: User_94073
She is amazing! I look forward to her predictions coming true
Oct 18 2019
Member: Light_AM
Always positive and insightful
Oct 16 2019
Member: aquarius55
Oct 16 2019
Member: User_1301116
That was outstanding,I can’t wait to see Ann’s predictions come true. This brought me to ease it was so detailed
Oct 14 2019
Member: Amazing Coach
Always excellent thanks Ann xoxox
Oct 14 2019
Member: woodgrl
Oct 13 2019
Member: User_bwjvt2
Ann is wonderful and very reassuring. I would totally recommend her!
Oct 13 2019
Member: User_9bj9v5
Ann is probably the only person here who has been consistent with her predictions. Come what may she insist that things are going to happen. I'm praying that it does. If I had listened to her advice from the BEGINNING I would not be in this mess.
Oct 12 2019
Member: Light_AM
Very supportive
Oct 9 2019
Member: Jo C
Ann is amazing, she's helped me through some very tough/ emotional times. I am much happier today because of her support! Thank you. I will see if what she says comes true : )
Oct 7 2019

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