Member: User_9950099
He was fast and seem quite real, but every person I chat with keeps telling me different things, so I don't know who to believe. I think I'll just stop with this. Thank you tho
Jan 21 2020
Member: Claudia
Thank you!!!
Jan 17 2020
Member: Claudia
Thank you!!
Jan 16 2020
Member: User_3640106
He is still the best
Jan 14 2020
Member: Pinky
Thank you
Jan 12 2020
Member: susan143
Great insight .. always!
Jan 12 2020
Member: User_sz44hm
thanks for reading
Jan 12 2020
Member: Prabhat
Amazing insight
Jan 12 2020
Member: User_7046641
Jan 12 2020
Member: User_hufn5m
Jan 11 2020

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