Member: User_6099690
Thank you!
Jul 11 2020
Member: User_3587713
Nice. understanding and patience anais. shes the best of all. and genuine. I'm waiting for the readings to unfold.
Jun 9 2020
Member: User_8480386
If I could say she reads a person through and through.. so I have no reason to believe what she has predicted can be wrong... after a long time I have felt this positive
May 17 2020
Member: User_9077109
V Good*??*************** !!!
Apr 30 2020
Member: Arjun
Apr 28 2020
Member: User_86j425
Thank you I wish we could talk longer you are always wonderful to me
Apr 5 2020
Member: User_6099690
Thank you! Sorry run out of funds!
Mar 23 2020
Member: User_5314028
She was great! Very very accurate. Will be back!
Mar 13 2020
Member: User_6099690
Thank you!
Mar 2 2020
Member: User_86j425
Thank you so much for your help
Feb 27 2020

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