Member: User_7541961
Feb 28 2024
Member: Peter123
Natasha always does really LONG time and money-wasting shuffles and always refuses to change this when asked to do so.
Feb 27 2024
Member: User_sfj97g
Thsnks , quick on spot .
Feb 24 2024
Member: User_32417
Insightful Natasha is very good, accurate, direct with her answers and grounded. I highly recommend chatting with her for advisement on love, money and career.
Feb 23 2024
Member: User_1204599
This reading is totally opposite from the last one in regards to my crush don’t know what the truth is .
Feb 22 2024
Member: User_2397856
She is the best.. she anwrs every questions and guide you to the right paths
Feb 13 2024
Member: User_artwrk
Absolutely helpful!
Feb 3 2024
Member: User_2167163
Incredible and took the time to be honest.
Feb 2 2024
Member: Dman68
A very insightful reading
Jan 27 2024
Member: User_4787274
Pleasure talking to you and I liked that you started giving me insight straight away without any pauses, no wasting time. I received positive and genuine insight, hope it comes true. Thank you
Jan 21 2024

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