Member: User_9864906
Tx so much
Mar 25 2023
Member: User_9864906
Mar 21 2023
Member: IKS
Ebi is an amazing reader, gives me great clarity. An absolute gem xoxo
Mar 19 2023
Member: User_9864906
Tx ebi
Mar 8 2023
Member: User_8635261
Direct clear and picks up quickly on dynamics
Feb 13 2023
Member: User_9864906
Tx ebi
Jan 31 2023
Member: User_9864906
I completely relax when I speak to ebi. He's the besttt
Jan 30 2023
Member: Sunflower
awesome reading and greatest advice
Jan 25 2023
Member: User_8803553
Jan 18 2023
Member: User_1294800
Connected very quickly very clear reading
Jan 14 2023

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