Member: User_9875545
Thank you, he did text as you said he will....I am looking forward to meeting him and will be more positive.
Jul 4 2022
Member: User_9875545
SSR you were right about eveyrthing. about that evil person and what happened. Thank you so much for your support.
Jul 3 2022
Member: User_6633589
Thanks for the peace of mind, I will keep updating
Jul 2 2022
Member: User_8181965
Chat was disconnected twice but overall what a wonderful advisor!! Thank you for your guidance
Jun 30 2022
Member: User_2298625
Insanely intuitive
Jun 29 2022
Member: User_8903747
great service
Jun 28 2022
Member: User_9119151
Thankyou very much for being there for me
Jun 27 2022
Member: User_2120449
Jun 27 2022
Member: SimpleMe
Tyvm you are just amazing and wow nailed it! Again...
Jun 27 2022
Member: User_siy468
accurate and honest ??
Jun 27 2022

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