Member: jimmyh20
Dec 4 2021
Member: User_988074
Dec 3 2021
Member: aksvks
doesnt waste your time clear and direct
Dec 2 2021
Member: User_9415793
She’s really great.
Dec 2 2021
Member: jimmyh20
Great reading. Great insight!
Dec 2 2021
Member: Joanne
She’s absolutely amazing!
Dec 1 2021
Member: User_5698832
Quick, Spot on and to the point. Thank you.
Nov 29 2021
Member: User_3747693
Affordable, straightforward, TRUE, and truly awesome. I am definitely coming back
Nov 27 2021
Member: slyhfox
Manira is always full of information and on target!!
Nov 25 2021
Member: User_6383286
very honest and insightful. thank you
Nov 19 2021

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