Member: User_9218867
She’s amazing
Aug 8 2022
Member: User_3324186
great session she gave me the clarity I needed
Jul 21 2022
Member: bbjay
Thank you we will see
Jul 13 2022
Member: User_4408068
She’s amazing. Has always been accurate with me
Jul 12 2022
Member: User_3324186
great session answered my questions
Jul 12 2022
Member: Rock
Jul 11 2022
Member: L123
I tried again to clarify the previous chat, but this was impossible. Never coming back to her again. What a waste of money. Not getting the situation AT ALL, moreover, making up things from the non-existing. Reading does not make ANY sense. And she types super slow and constantly gets my questions inaccurately. I do not recommend her any more.
Jul 10 2022
Member: L123
not getting my questions clearly and answers are too generic. interpretations are too general and do not apply to my specific situations. moreover, I had hard time trying to explain the situation. Definitely not getting the situation clearly. General situation is easy to tell as most customers visit psychics when they have problems obviously, but good psychics should be able to tell the details and specifics of each case. So frustrating.
Jul 10 2022
Member: User_6372663
Was accurate about a lot of things I will definitely be back for more chats
Jul 9 2022
Member: User_3324186
great reading tonight
Jul 8 2022

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