Member: User_6136066
Negative prediction was incorrect. Predicted that if I did not interrogate a person and put them on the spot - that they would disappear "by month's end." It is now past "month's end" as we are into the next month and that person is still communicating with me. It was way too soon to ask this person any questions and if I would have followed his advice, it would have done damage to the situation. The approach/advice given was incorrect.
Apr 10 2021
Member: User_6407032
All I can say right now is WOW!
Apr 10 2021
Member: User_3xb4za
Honest and awesome. I got real insight into my love interests mind.
Apr 8 2021
Member: User_6865458
Very insightful and concise. His assessment and guidance give me hope!
Apr 7 2021
Member: aquarius55
Apr 7 2021
Member: User_4958112
Wonderful no other words to describe him
Apr 7 2021
Member: User_326945
Apr 7 2021
Member: User_1388746
Apr 6 2021
Member: User_y6vjw4
Very easy to talk to this was very insightful amazing
Apr 6 2021
Member: None
Only advisor I trust with the predictions now. His prediction came to pass while all other advisors predicted opposite outcome. He is my go to from now. I appreciate his honest and accuracy very much.
Apr 6 2021

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