Member: User_5038916
Phenomenal. True connection and understanding.
Aug 23 2019
Member: User_6899458
Super nice and caring, very insightful and detailed without me saying much
Aug 22 2019
Member: Princess40
Amy said. Atlantic City. Long time ago .. with my BF.. its HAPPENED of course... Amy is right !!!!!
Aug 22 2019
Member: luls21
fast to connect, honest, direct and suuuuper insightful <3
Aug 22 2019
Member: meohmy
She is accurate. She types fast. She is considerate of her clients funds. Stunningly accurate.
Aug 22 2019
Member: Alice
Great and very kind Amy is
Aug 22 2019
Member: kks
Aug 22 2019
Member: User_hbk9yu
my lifeline - perfect as always and accurate.
Aug 22 2019
Member: Lucy
Aug 21 2019
Member: gypsy
Aug 21 2019

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