Member: User_6703065
I like her
Nov 30 2020
Member: User_5989714
Nov 30 2020
Member: BMANN24
She was very upfront and I need that sometimes. Thank you for your honest reading. Very much appreciated.
Nov 30 2020
Member: User_9769888
She was a great personality. Answered very clearly. I love the way she texted. Wish to talk to her.
Nov 30 2020
Member: User_9963924
Nov 30 2020
Member: User_289710
very kind and comforting!
Nov 29 2020
Member: User_5221356
Thank you for the great reading
Nov 29 2020
Member: User_18105
I think she really understands the situation and her prediction before was true xx
Nov 29 2020
Member: User_8089836
Nov 29 2020
Member: ron
Very-well connected and I'm looking forward the fulfillment of her reading which is quite delicate but very important. I am trusting her it will happen.
Nov 28 2020

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