Member: Diamond
Quick response
May 31 2020
Member: User_9401987
Great insight clear
May 29 2020
Member: User_9361718
Love that way you explain me.
May 29 2020
Member: User_787612
Thank you!
May 25 2020
Member: User_2436986
She was spot on Actually amazing!!
May 24 2020
Member: Antonio
Nice and insightful
May 23 2020
Member: Diamond
Really great reading
May 21 2020
Member: User_4067663
I liked it, she did very well, I would take another session with her.
May 19 2020
Member: User_3819816
Was completely on track
May 17 2020
Member: User_4090698
To the point. I think pretty accurate. Very good.
May 16 2020

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