Member: User_4140672
Dec 8 2019
Member: i3rdEye Indigo
Insightful !
Dec 7 2019
Member: User_136365
Always appreciate her honesty & insight! She’s been right on things that she has seen for me a number of times in the past xo
Dec 6 2019
Member: User_3144421
It was pretty good confirm most of what i was thinking
Dec 6 2019
Member: bellasoul
Disappointing. Do not go to her if you are feeling emotional or fragile. She came across as pushy, impatient and frustrated in her manner. Having been though a rough time i was expecting a more caring, patient manner or at least some sensitivity, but she did not have that at all. So unfortunately I have to give this a low rating as i felt far worse after speaking with her.
Dec 5 2019
Member: User_2317545
Always reassuring
Dec 5 2019
Member: User_nngcse
Always good talking to her
Dec 4 2019
Member: User_7747899
Quick and to the point. Thank you very much.
Dec 3 2019
Member: User_tsqfmg
Straight to the point, so worth it!
Dec 3 2019
Member: User_nngcse
Right person to talk to
Dec 2 2019

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