Member: Charles
Oct 31 2016
Member: SpartyMS
Jed helped me embrace my feelings and connect with some emotions that I had bottled up. He was so kind, patient, and supportive as he knew how difficult it was for me. He encouraged me and let me know that he was there for me. :) Thank you so much!
Oct 30 2016
Member: SpartyMS
Jed was very supportive and a good listener who helped me fine tune a plan to be in a better place. :)
Oct 28 2016
Member: SpartyMS
Jed was extremely supportive and patient helping me work through many feelings that were on my mind. He is a very genuine, caring, and compassionate therapist that is attuned to your feelings and helps you find the tools within to be in a better place.
Feb 27 2016
Member: User_3ki82m
Great advice
May 18 2014
Member: santino
I came here for help, not for recommendations.
Mar 3 2014
Member: Emmie
Really slow typing. Didn't make for very much offered advice or encouragement. I feel like it was a waste of money honestly. He may have had good intentions, but the typing was below my expectations for anyone on chat.
Oct 26 2013
Member: Apple eyez
Thanks for ur time.
May 21 2012
Member: christine354
very very constructive session-lots of insight. I am so glad I contacted Jed.
Feb 26 2008
Member: TBoy
Sep 2 2016

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