Member: User_653613
Thanks !!
May 30 2024
Member: User_yycm2d
She is an amazing spiritual advisor. She gets you right away answers all of your questions accurately helps you and support you through the way you will definitely get right answers and definitely will feel supported and well guided.
May 28 2024
Member: Diamond
Fabulous reading as always! Thanks very much for helping me along my way.
May 23 2024
Member: User_5953648
Maura doesn't bullshit you. I really appreciate that about her. She also doesn't drag on conversations needlessly to make you spend more. She helps you analyze your dreams and synchronicities too to help make some meaning out of them. Work wise I see things she's mentioned unfolding already and I also recognize it's a function of me working hard; relationship wise - yet to see what unfolds. I have my fingers crossed. I really appreciate Maura.
May 21 2024
Member: User_8507610
Just had another chat with Maura, she's always spot on and feels the situation all the time. I do not bother talking to anyone apart from Maura
Apr 29 2024
Member: Nam
Maura is like that friend who gives you a listening ear while also giving you direction and encouraging you to say yes to more opportunities and not box yourself in. A couple of things she mentioned about my finances and work is showing up and I was amazed. I was like wait - Maura asked me to expect this; I didn't believe it until I saw changes happening for real. She also doesn't unnecessarily drag conversations; she's to the point and not wasteful of your time. Thank you Maura. Fingers crossed for the relationship part to unfold.
Apr 25 2024
Member: Diamond
Always fabulous advice and so reassuring. I’ve been getting her counselling for years and it’s worth it. Thank you!
Apr 24 2024
Member: Kelly
AMAZING!! Maura has guided me, supported me through a very challenging time to such a better place. Her insight is spot on. I couldn't of have a better psychic and I have been having readings for the last 30 years. In my opinion it is best to get an excellent psychic to guide you than one that only sees parts of the story. Worth every penny of my time. Thank u Maura x
Apr 16 2024
Member: User_8507610
Amazing as always, its like talking to a therapist, a friend but she feels and senses what is going on at the moment and encourages and leads you into the future
Apr 15 2024
Member: Diamond
Always excellent! Her latest prediction is coming true right now. Im excited and I’m thankful to have her to give me advice and always with the best outcomes.
Apr 12 2024

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