Member: Tony Napoletano
The most accurate and beautiful psychic there is. I am so happy I found Maura years ago. When Maura talks just wait for it to happen because it WILL. I love Maura
Aug 7 2022
Member: Diamond
Extremely insightful with great advice! Thanks so much for your help over the years! Highly recommend her for readings.
Aug 2 2022
Member: Tony Napoletano
Maura is in a category by herself. Because her predictions HAPPEN! She is fast, beautiful, and has jaw-dropping accuracy. Love you Maura
Jul 24 2022
Member: User_3741793
Glad I found Maura as she is such a truly wonderful person who truly cares about you and your situation. Very gifted psychic who is straight to the point and doesn't waste your time. I consider her a good friend who I can talk to about things I can't talk about with other people. Don't hesitate to try her. There aren't a high number of reviews for her strictly because she is a phone psychic only and you have to go online to leave an review instead of just on your phone like you normally would. it has nothing to do with her abilities which are excellent which you will see if you give her a try.
Jul 19 2022
Member: User_270442
Infinite thank you, Maura, for being the best guidance I could wish for! 100% at my side through the darkest night of my soul. I wouldn't be were I am today without you! Love and blessings, always.
Jul 18 2022
Member: Tony Napoletano
Maura should be everyone's #1. Her voice is soothing. Her accuracy is insane. Her predictions are spot on! I could listen to her beautiful voice all night. Love this woman.
Jul 14 2022
Member: User_u9uk7k
thanks mara i forgot to give you a rating
Jul 10 2022
Member: meohmy
Accurate. Fast. Spot on reading personalities of people around you. Each time, I have felt so much relief after talking to her. She doesn't have as many reviews as others because the 'call now' feature requires clients to log into their account on the website, then choose account activity, then 'rate the reading' after finding it. She has read for me several times with complete accuracy about POI and career. She is kind. She is sincere and non-judgmental. The reviews people have left are accurate. Give her a try and you will quickly see the same! I take the time to leave a rating because my rating my just help someone else who is dealing with something.
Jul 9 2022
Member: Tony Napoletano
How many times can I say I love you? Maura, you are above and beyond any psychic because you are the real deal. Everything you tell me happens. You truly are the best I have ever used and so happy I found you years ago.
Jul 9 2022
Member: Tony Napoletano
Maura, Maura, Maura I love you!! I have never seen a psychic like Maura. So caring, so so accurate, and truly cares. Maura goes above and beyond for me. I use her weekly and sometimes daily for my life's decisions because she nails every prediction. Love Maura
Jul 9 2022

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