Member: Kelly
Maura knows such amazing details on any subject I ask her about!! She is caring & honest, if for some reason she is not totally clear, she will say so. She has been a godsend. Her predictions have come true. Thank you Maura from the bottom of my heart. ps. Maura does not get many reviews as you have to log in to the site and leave a review... a real pain to do so. I only do it as she really is an AMAZING READER and would like other people to benefit from Maura's insights like I have and she has supported me soooo much from the heart it is my way of saying thank you.
Nov 28 2023
Member: User_270442
When you feel all is lost, you can count on Maura!! She's the best! I wouldn't be anywhere without her!!
Nov 17 2023
Member: User_qcqykw
Maura is the absolute best, she has a very special gift.
Nov 10 2023
Member: User_qcqykw
Gets it right every time
Nov 10 2023
Member: User_353589
She really help me go through my very down moments w her deep insight and gifts. Couldn’t be more thankful. She is the best!
Nov 3 2023
Member: User_653613
Good reading
Oct 22 2023
Member: kannwil
Always right
Oct 20 2023
Member: Diamond
Awesome discussion as always! She has helped me navigate my career through many ups and downs and I am so relieved after chatting with her. She also helped with personal situations. Her predictions always come to fruition! Thanks so much!
Oct 20 2023
Member: User_8507610
the best on this site hands down. this is the third time I am writing a review. The first time I had to reach out to customer service as its not straight forward in sending a review if you use a phone call service which Maura only does. my second review didnt get posted as I did it wrong. Maura prediction of something extremely major came to pass and I am in shock. She even mentioned something concerning my mother, how could she have known that. Maura is the best, get yourself a reading and you will not be funny
Sep 28 2023
Member: User_yycm2d
She has a true gift! Since I have started my readings w her my life has changed so much in a positive way. She truly connected with me. Every reading of her us accurate.
Sep 27 2023

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