Member: User_3741793
Maura had been telling me for a while that my poi would contact me again and it has happened like she said. Maura is so quick to connect and doesn't waste your time. She is so sweet and has been so accurate that's why I keep coming back. She's on my list of favorites for sure. Maura is like a Psychic/Therapist/Frie nd all rolled into one. It's unfair that she doesn't get the number of reviews she deserves cause she only does phone readings but trust me she is worth every penny just read her reviews. Don't hesitate to try her out :)
Jun 19 2022
Member: meohmy
She has read for me a few times and each time she is amazingly accurate and fast.
Jun 17 2022
Member: Diamond
I always appreciate her inspiring look into the future. She has helped me through so much and I continue to get her advice on all matters of life. I’m looking forward to exciting things in my career and my soul family. Highly recommend reaching out to her.
Jun 16 2022
Member: User_5593223
Maura is very supportive, honest, reads fast does not waste your time goes straight to the point, waiting for predictions to occur soon, i pray in god's hands thank you for your patience with me!
Jun 12 2022
Member: User_u9uk7k
Jun 12 2022
Member: User_42608
First time reading. Picked up on my situation instantly
Jun 11 2022
Member: Tony Napoletano
Maura is the #1 psychic in my book. For years she has accurately predicted everything about my situation. I love how much she cares and calms me in my situation. She always tells me to be patient. She is correct patients pay off. Love Maura
Jun 6 2022
Member: Tony Napoletano
Maura is the BEST there is on this site. Trust me I have spent countless dollars in the past on this site until I found Maura. She has accurately predicted everything with my poi..good or bad. Love Maura
May 16 2022
Member: Maluvius1
On point as always! Very gifted advisor. Excellent reading, concise and concrete.
May 16 2022
Member: sh121314
She is amazing! She told me things which I could verify now. They were hard! She really guides me as a friend.
May 15 2022

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