Member: User_k4cz8m
Jul 20 2019
Member: Eden
Thank you.
Jul 19 2019
Member: Cris
Always wonderful to chat with!
Jul 18 2019
Member: Daniela
Thank you for your quick and considerate insight. Love and light
Jul 18 2019
Member: Budisha
Good connection, predictions are to come .Thank you!
Jul 18 2019
Member: Will
Always helpful
Jul 17 2019
Member: Cris
Anna reads energy so well and always makes me feel better!
Jul 17 2019
Member: Cris
The best! So detailed and honest. Reads energy so incredibly well.
Jul 16 2019
Member: User_6440182
She is so awesome and amazing
Jul 15 2019
Member: Cris
Anna is amazing. She is patient, kind and her readings are so unbelievably accurate.
Jul 14 2019

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