Member: Cris
Another amazing reading. Spot on as always.
May 26 2024
Member: User_uwy8y2
Also spot on!
May 25 2024
Member: Cris
Amazing reading and all happened as Anna predicted!
May 23 2024
Member: User_1235684
Informative session . Where I left feeling confident about how to contact my spirit guides and some psychic readings as well
May 22 2024
Member: Cris
Amazing reading, very detailed. Anna is always spot on!
May 21 2024
Member: Eden
Amazing as always
May 21 2024
Member: User_dmu4jg
Good insights
May 20 2024
Member: User_5004103
Accurate, kind and loving advice!
May 19 2024
Member: User_dmu4jg
Good advice
May 19 2024
Member: User_1294800
amazing as always
May 17 2024

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