Member: User_6099690
Thanks you!
Oct 26 2020
Member: User_1702089
Oct 23 2020
Member: evelyn
Outstanding as always
Oct 22 2020
Member: User_4378593
Oct 11 2020
Member: aquarius55
Oct 8 2020
Member: evelyn
outstanding reading as always
Oct 7 2020
Member: User_729372
Super fast - confident! Precise with his reading.
Oct 6 2020
Member: User_1829603
He sounded really hopeful hopefully what he saying is true and I go back to him
Oct 5 2020
Member: User_7264081
Amazing reading!! Very fast and concise
Oct 4 2020
Member: User_748243
Extremely fast and good reading will wait and see what happens
Oct 3 2020

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