Member: User_166056
Sherry's past prediction was accurate :-) I'm really hopeful the new predictions come to be.
Jan 21 2022
Member: User_2222625
She's the Best reader I've ever talked to. I've talked to so many different readers over the years but she's the only one who has been able to predict several things that actually end up happening. And I'm in awe at how well she reads personalities and what they are feeling. 100% accuracy. She Is The BEST!
Jan 17 2022
Member: User_211500
I had read with Sherri a few months back regarding work and her predictions unfolded exactly as she indicated. Had a follow up for further guidance and she was amazing as expected. Thank you!!
Jan 7 2022
Member: User_SS
I do quarterly check ins with Sherry and she never wavered her prediction. Things are a lot better btw w me & my poi Z compared to last year. 2022 seems going to be a better year for us to improve things in a more positive direction. Sherry Taylor is one of the unique and gifted advisors I’ve spoken to. In the past her multiple predictions came true (for example: a third party become harmless and then left). I seek her guidance in matters of love, friendships and work. I’m happy that she takes my calls and always so friendly. Highly recommend! Love & light
Jan 2 2022
Member: User_9679598
Even when I thought all hope was gone Sherry has reassured me over and over of what she sees happening in the next couple of months. Well part of what she predicted so far has happened! She is definitely ACCURATE. My husband and I are not living together right now and going through a tough situation but she has assured me we WILL get through this. She said my husband and I would spend Christmas together with our kids but it was going to be awkward and tense. Well she was definitely RIGHT. It was EXACTLY that! I didn't even think that was going to happen based on the situation but it did. We still have a long ways to go but her accuracy this far is TOP NOTCH!
Dec 26 2021
Member: User_9679598
Sherry is helping me through a VERY difficult time in my marriage right now. She nailed what is currently going on, I am waiting for her predictions to unfold.
Dec 12 2021
Member: User_9837258
Sherry is amazing! She is one of the best psychics I have spoken to and after speaking with her I feel like I don't need to speak to anyone else. She nailed the situation so well and was able to accurately pick up on my POI thoughts and feelings. Unbelievably accurate. Highly recommend!
Dec 10 2021
Member: Tony Napoletano
I have been using Sherry for a while and she nails everything she says and predicts
Nov 22 2021
Member: silverstar88
I checked in with Sherry after a couple of months and she's consistent with her last one. Detailed and encouraging.
Oct 11 2021
Member: User_2490708
6th reading with Sherry and her predictions have been consistent and holds strong between my POI and I. She's definitely gifted and picks up on the situation right away. Thanks so much Sherry!
Oct 9 2021

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