Member: User_8527440
Wow wow wow is all I can say she’s very fast to connect and it’s not waste any time Sherry told me things that no one could possibly know our predictions have came to pass and it’s still happening everything she told me happened she does not sugarcoat or waste time she is worth every single penny I want to thank Sherry and Taylor so much for her guidance and her support and giving me answers that I’ve been seeking for she is one of the best by far and it’s definitely worth every penny thank you so much all your predictions have come true !
Aug 16 2022
Member: User_8275165
Awesome lady
Aug 15 2022
Member: Tony Napoletano
Been with Sherry for years and everything she says happens. Tyr her and see. Worth every penny. The Best!
Aug 14 2022
Member: User_6630199
Always a pleasure to speak with Sherry. She is VERY quick to connect and speaking with her on the phone gives you much more detail than by chat. Sherry is such a good person and has an amazing gift.
Aug 13 2022
Member: User_1022395
Thank you again for the wonderful update Sherry! It has been long coming and till waiting for it but the confidence you have in this situation gives me hope and allows me to get through these days! Thank you .. i look forward to reporting back and letting you know it happened.
Aug 11 2022
Member: User_1022395
Thank you again Sherry for the wonderful update and keeping me sane and grounded during these times. I have been counting days to hear these words that we are so close! I appreciate you and your time. I cant wait for all this to finally come to fruition and begin the new chapter.. I look forward to all the predictions coming my way. Thank you
Aug 8 2022
Member: User_1022395
Sherry is simply AMAZING! She says it as she sees. Thank you for all the hope and predictions.. I am waiting for this to unfold and the more you feel stronger that we are just days away it gives me that much more hope. Sherry has been reading for me for months and we've finally come to a point where her predictions are now within days. I look forward to it and thank you sherry for everything. I believe and hope for all this to occur in reality soon as you have been saying.
Aug 4 2022
Member: Tony Napoletano
Sherry is my go-to. So accurate on my poi and predictions happen
Aug 3 2022
Member: User_7035485
Sherry is a doll. Honestly she’s a real gem and you can tell she wants the best for her clients. She’s patient and caring and kind. In my case however, predictions have not come to pass. I’m happy for those whose predictions did work out, but I’ve been waiting months and months for something that should have happened by now according to Sherry and there’s no end in sight. She’s good at past situations and reading into them. I’m not sure future predictions are a given.
Jul 31 2022
Member: Soul mates
Detailed Honest Accurate Provided time limes with predictions.
Jul 28 2022

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