Member: April
Libby is on it!!
Nov 30 2019
Member: none
fabulous as always, excellent reader and healer! thanks
Nov 29 2019
Member: User_er7ycz
Thank you!!!
Nov 28 2019
Member: User_er7ycz
Always a pleasure :)
Nov 28 2019
Member: User_7582091
Libby is awesome. She can quickly read a situation and respond.
Nov 25 2019
Member: Eva
Very good reader! Doesn't waste time!
Nov 24 2019
Member: User_7443885
Excellent. Very informative and on the spot
Nov 24 2019
Member: Nela
Many thanks!
Nov 24 2019
Member: confused
fantastic Libby just had to keep in my budget
Nov 23 2019
Member: User_9232520
Pretty bang on, kind and in touch
Nov 22 2019

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