Member: User_sxkny4
Excellent. Thank You!
Sep 30 2020
Member: janiece
Steph is definitely above 90% accurate, maybe even about 96%. I am doing my best to keep my faith in her and not spin out as the world goes crazy.
Sep 30 2020
Member: kia
thanks for the reading!
Sep 27 2020
Member: User_619280
Thank you for always having the faith. I have been reading with you for years and trust you.
Sep 26 2020
Member: User_7596272
She’s great. Thank you
Sep 23 2020
Member: kp3mom
Sep 20 2020
Member: Emmi
Thank you xoxo
Sep 20 2020
Member: User_6475127
great reading
Sep 20 2020
Member: Loo4Love
Thanks, ran out of funds and thought I had 3 extra minutes.
Sep 20 2020
Member: User_7046426
Sep 18 2020
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