Member: Lucy
Dec 16 2019
Member: User_7ks7gj
a bit long-winded but accurate...quite detailed and useful information - predictions are too far away though so a little disappointed
Dec 15 2019
Member: User_8200141
Very detailed explanation
Dec 14 2019
Member: User_2409964
insightful reading
Dec 14 2019
Member: Lucy
Wonderful thanks so much
Dec 14 2019
Member: User_2795222
thank you. very insightful and healing.
Dec 13 2019
Member: User_5038916
Thank you
Dec 12 2019
Member: User_7014680
Dec 12 2019
Member: Lucy
Incredible healer Thanks doc!!
Dec 12 2019
Member: User_5031722
Thank you so much. Will be back with more funds
Dec 11 2019

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