Member: User_6613542
Jan 8 2022
Member: Rebecca Segall
I've been coming to Raj for many years. He's very familiar with Vedic Astrology and Ayurveda, + he saves your info but he recalls so well too. He's great.
Jan 8 2022
Member: Parag
Thank you!
Dec 26 2021
Member: User_653048
Dec 11 2021
Member: angel
Raj is truly an amazing and gifted advisor. I follow his timeframe on all life matters, finance, love, and etc, and his predictions are right on accruate.
Dec 2 2021
Member: User_1893546
Nov 28 2021
Member: User_1893546
Thank you!
Nov 27 2021
Member: User_653048
Nov 23 2021
Member: Ratty
Nice Reading
Nov 20 2021
Member: User_1893546
Thanks you, very helpful
Nov 17 2021

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