Member: User_9988896
Amazing and accurate right to the point but tactful. :)
Jul 2 2020
Member: Eden
Thank you
Jul 1 2020
Member: User_174703
Amazingly accurate
Jun 29 2020
Member: jellybean
Excellent thank you!
Jun 25 2020
Member: User_174703
Connected very well my my current situation.
Jun 24 2020
Member: User_8273900
Great connection! Told it like it was, but not what I wanted to hear, but I appreciate it.
Jun 23 2020
Member: Lucy
Amazing thank you
Jun 21 2020
Member: Eden
Thank you.
Jun 17 2020
Member: jellybean
Thank you!
Jun 9 2020
Member: Lucy
Amazing always worrh the time and money
Jun 8 2020

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