Member: User_8176397
Nov 5 2019
Member: User_8eavsa
She has very nice insights of the situation and guides you very well...
Nov 4 2019
Member: User_8176397
always comforting
Oct 28 2019
Member: User_8eavsa
Trust me she is the best...she is such a good person,chatting with her gives me immense happiness and energy.very deep in analyzing and will give you minute details...if you will come once you will never go anywhere again.things are turning true....
Oct 27 2019
Member: User_1784873
Comforting and honest
Oct 25 2019
Member: User_8176397
wonderful made me feel better
Oct 8 2019
Member: User_8eavsa
She is the best mark my words....she is the best...she said every exact word of what I felt in my life,like she was there with me.
Oct 8 2019
Member: Baba
it was good
Sep 28 2019
Member: woodgrl
Always amazing!!
Sep 23 2019
Member: User_8eavsa
Talking to her is like god has given chance to talk to him
Sep 21 2019
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