Member: Chelsea
It is great to chat and have updates with you always. You always make me smile. Thank you.
May 19 2022
Member: Ladybyrd
thank you
May 19 2022
Member: thdus
Always great
May 19 2022
Member: User_5jdqwm
Thank you!!
May 17 2022
Member: User_6749305
Very honest and thoughtful reader with a very straightforward approach. I appreciate his insights very much.
May 17 2022
Member: User_rsf3b7
He's the best. Always has good insight.
May 15 2022
Member: User_2881613
Thank you
May 15 2022
Member: Chelsea
May 14 2022
Member: User_5303066
Thank you Donovan
May 13 2022
Member: User_9919083
His visions have been accurate before that’s why I keep coming back…
May 12 2022

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