Member: User_3664766
Thank you !
Sep 30 2023
Member: Dawn
very on point
Sep 29 2023
Member: User_3115963
Thank you for telling me the hard truth
Sep 28 2023
Member: User_4913633
thank you
Sep 28 2023
Member: Philomena
Wow wow wow Sarksr is definitely the real deal very spooky how on point he is. You will definitely be getting the truth and the clarity you need with him. Today is going to be a great day for me because I’ve just found and connected to the best advisor on kasamba I’m blown away. He is kind welcoming direct and so pleasant thank you ??
Sep 28 2023
Member: Annie
Love the reading. He’s so right it’s scary ??. I will definitely return again
Sep 28 2023
Member: User_7548888
Thank u for ur insight
Sep 27 2023
Member: User_2904398
Always great
Sep 26 2023
Member: Sing
Sep 25 2023
Member: Raven
Quick, fast, understanding
Sep 24 2023

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