Member: Dman68
Spot on
Sep 19 2023
Member: User_7515316
Thank you for leaving me with peace.
Sep 18 2023
Member: User_7515316
You are my lifesaver. Thank you :) I can't wait for this session to play out
Sep 17 2023
Member: LadyA77
Thank you
Sep 17 2023
Member: User_1142507
Very detailed Thank you
Sep 17 2023
Member: User_9326113
Positive reading. Thank you for everything.
Sep 16 2023
Member: User_6464340
Thanks! It was very clear
Sep 15 2023
Member: Lili_1111
I like her she tells me things the way they are no fluff. I come to her often for readings and so far never disappointed. She has been patient and is convinced of how things will work out with my POI. I believe she is very accurate and look forward to more :)
Sep 14 2023
Member: User_2955680
super great as always I return to her al ltime the best ty
Sep 13 2023
Member: User_6349436
Sep 13 2023
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