Member: User_436648
good. just want things to be ok
Nov 20 2019
Member: User_ijk643
Very caring and sweet. I can't wait to see that the prediction was correct
Nov 18 2019
Member: Brenda G
Very positive and uplifting. Thank you Simone for listening and giving me insight.
Nov 15 2019
Member: Miss Georgia
Always pleasant
Nov 12 2019
Member: User_w5b4wm
Always uplifting and positive and great
Nov 12 2019
Member: User_7459764
Always a pleasure
Nov 11 2019
Member: User_6099690
Thank you!
Nov 11 2019
Member: User_4143123
Really thoughtful and caring. Quick typist and very accurate with her thoughts of ppl. I look forward to chatting with you again!
Nov 7 2019
Member: Miss Georgia
Honest and direct.
Nov 7 2019
Member: indigo
very accurate
Nov 5 2019
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