Member: User_9684044
She reads my poi. Will be back to update when prediction happens. Thank you for the assurance :)
Apr 18 2020
Member: User_8142437
Always great.
Apr 17 2020
Member: User_bbmdvt
Very amazing reading she said things that were accurate and used the exact words the person of interest said to me.. waiting for predictions to come true thank you lidia.
Apr 15 2020
Member: Medmisuma
She's very good. Thank you, Lidia!
Apr 15 2020
Member: BBB
Ran out of funds, but very on point, confirming things I thought to be true. Thank you Lidia
Apr 8 2020
Member: MMT588
Thank you
Mar 31 2020
Member: David
Mar 23 2020
Member: aquarius55
Mar 16 2020
Member: Neha
Very kind and detailed
Mar 14 2020
Member: Hay
Mar 4 2020
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