Member: User_jjv98a
she's very detailed types slow though
Nov 19 2019
Member: User_8900557
Very intuitive. Very deep reading
Nov 19 2019
Member: Douglas
very nice and seams to know what she is talking about
Nov 18 2019
Member: Nadine
Nov 18 2019
Member: User_7682891
Insightful and soulful; she will help you to clarify your path and find peace.
Nov 18 2019
Member: User_1364643
Yes i would
Nov 16 2019
Member: User_2768747
A sweetheart as always! Says as it is.
Nov 15 2019
Member: User_6334791
thank you!
Nov 14 2019
Member: User_6334791
Thank you for the clarity
Nov 14 2019
Member: User_892i7s
very good
Nov 13 2019
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