Member: User_a9zt29
good thanks
Mar 28 2020
Member: User_8355248
Good, very in depth reading but I have my doubts as it is what I want to hear but not exactly the same situation that I am facing. However he has given a lot of insight and hope and I will have to take time to see if his predictions come true.
Mar 27 2020
Member: User_4275753
Very detailed and accurate
Mar 26 2020
Member: User_5866367
Gives a lot of detail but waiting to see if his prediction is accurate
Mar 26 2020
Member: User_3416298
nice session
Mar 26 2020
Member: Pavithra
Clear and concise!
Mar 24 2020
Member: Simmy
Positive words. Thank you
Mar 24 2020
Member: Natalee Heberlein
Thank you so very much, you made a true connection I will refill and be right back.
Mar 24 2020
Member: User_8994338
Hopefully this happened and sure will let other know the accuracy
Mar 22 2020
Member: User_245874
He is a good reader
Mar 22 2020

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