Member: User_2157766
Dec 2 2020
Member: Blue Waters
Anytime I can catch Stephanie it's a joy. Such good insight and readings on how things are and what's going on regarding the other person. Just the best. Thanks so much Steph. You're helpful each and every time:)
Nov 30 2020
Member: User_2764630
outstanding as usual
Nov 25 2020
Member: Dr B
Thanks Steph :)
Nov 19 2020
Member: architect0408
Thanks Stephanie! Sorry we got cut off on my end. Speak again soon! Thank you so much.
Nov 17 2020
Member: Love within
Stephanie has always been very helpful, and I really enjoy chatting to her. I value how truthful and objective her way of sharing is. Thank you very much again for everything, Stephanie :)
Nov 16 2020
Member: Daniela
Thank you for being here
Nov 16 2020
Member: Vivienne Loh
Very lucky to catch Stephanie. Very grounding reading and looking forward to all the positive changes :)
Nov 15 2020
Member: Daniela
Thank you so much
Nov 11 2020
Member: jellybean
Sharp and confident as always
Nov 11 2020

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