Member: User_7723137
Jun 24 2021
Member: LenaMaria
Just great! So wise!
Jun 19 2021
Member: User_q72tmt
One of the clearest readings I’ve had on here. Thank you!
Jun 17 2021
Member: vanelops
Always so great to catch Stephanie. Saw a complex situation at work so very clearly. Thank you thank you. XOXO
Jun 16 2021
Member: tisme76
Jun 11 2021
Member: User_514530
Thank you!!
Jun 10 2021
Member: flower
Lots of clarification and empowering, thank you.
Jun 7 2021
Member: Vivienne Loh
Always so spot on. Stephanie's energetic sensing is superb.
Jun 1 2021
Member: flower
very comforting, thank you for being part of this, thank you.
Jun 1 2021
Member: ls21
Very detailed and helpful in understanding the situation and dynamics. Thank you:)
May 24 2021
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