Member: User_7317953
Lily is kind and picks up fast on all matters. She is able to tune into the situation and help you were the problem is. She will help and guide you and tell you things and shed light on the situation. She is compassionate and right on spot. My situation is very difficult and I didn't have to give any information for she knew everything and tuned into it really quick and see a future for me and my guy. Thank you lily for your support. Her guides shed light on the situation
Aug 3 2019
Member: tarheelpsych
Amazingly thorough, detailed and insightful. Lilly provided an 8 page reading to my single question that perfectly highlighted my experience over the past 8 months with my POI. She provided guidance for me personally, as well as in relation to the future. I'm still in awe processing.
Jun 19 2019
Member: Romi
Thank you for the complete and detailed information! There's a lot of info and advice on the subject I asked, thanks so much!! Many blessings
Jun 14 2019
Member: Anna
Lilly is possibly the most genuine, altruistic, caring intuitive I have ever met. I have now experienced three readings with Lilly. Two x email and one x phone, and she never holds back from using her gift fully to help me. Her guidance is reassuring, trustworthy and uplifting.
May 15 2019
Member: Anna
A very detailed, thorough, reading - 9 pages. I would recommend Lilly to anyone wanting depth from an Advisor. Having read my reading I need to process its contents - it is layered, dense and multi-dimensional. Sh ould you engage Lilly for a reading? If you want an intelligent, considered articulation of where you are and what you should take stock of, then a resounding, "yes!", is my answer to you.
Apr 30 2019
Member: mbartnik1988
I had one last question. Lilly is an Angel and a blessing. Thank you! Happy Easter!
Apr 21 2019
Member: mbartnik1988
#1 ALWAYS a level of accuracy and insight that shakes me to my core. I am not only a satisfied customer but an extremely loyal one. Always a positive experience! #2 Thanks Lilly!
Apr 21 2019
Member: mbartnik1988
Hey all you doubters, Lilly is the genuine article. The REAL DEAL. I can't say enough about Lilly. She's been such a wonderful guide during this period in my life. Without her I don't know if I could have fund the strength to face it all. Lilly told me that things would begin to turn around in my love relationship - and they beginning to - gradually just as she said. I also asked what the future held in areas besides my love life... "You will see a promotion. It will be at the same company, but in a higher level position." Now - just days later the position I have worked so hard to reach is mine just as she said. Don't doubt this person. She will help you - believe me! I have seen it. Thanks Lilly for your enlightenment.
Apr 15 2019
Member: joy
She helped me through the situation. not easy, hard road still ahead.
Apr 14 2019
Member: mysticalhealer
Once again, Lilly has been very helpful to me in charting a direction for my future. She reads accurately and her predictions ALWAYS happen. She is FAST, friendly, professional, compassionate, direct and to the point with no vagueness. Lilly told me what I didn’t want to hear today about a special friend, but was completely right on about the situation. All the information she gave me was in line with others I have spoken with, and Lilly was much more nonjudgmental about the situation at hand. I speak to 4 physics on Kasamba and Lilly is at the very top of my list of people I trust. I've read with her for years and she is always 100% truthful and accurate. There is never a feeling that she is trying to keep you on the line in order to run your charges up. Lilly is right for me and I think others will be just as satisfied.
Apr 9 2019
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